Dining room table series

The dining room table became my “mini studio” forced onto me due to a recovery process of a major operation. I was physically unable to move my shoulders and arms freely to paint at the easel, and as I have so many sketchbooks that needed filling, I started painting in them using gouache at the dining room table.

This series called “reflections” was inspired by a pond near where I live and where i go on my daily walks with a sketchbook and pencil for some quick tonal notations. Everyday is different- there’s an abundance of birdlife, some fly in like a dart leaving a streak across the surface of the water breaking its calmness and the clean patterns of reflections, creating movement on the surface. There are white Egrets, ducks and numerous Swamphens surrounded by their little black fluffy babies of which there are many, and in their wake a gentle ripple of broken colour. Particularly stunning is the Azure Kingfisher, streaking across the surface like an arrow, quietly, truly sublime. There’s also the elusive tortoise creating rings adding to the making of patterns on the surface. All this activity makes for great painting. I particularly like to capture the reflections of the grey colours of the sky and stormy clouds, I find them so much more interesting to paint than a blue sky.