Johanna was born in 1954, Holland and Immigrated with her family to Australia in 1957. In 2007 she graduated from the National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Painting. The following year completed a Graduated Diploma in Education at the Southern Cross University, Lismore. For the next 5 years she taught visual arts at various high schools in a casual capacity.

She is predominantly a landscape artist, her preferred medium is oil paint and gouache when working on paper. Her paintings hover somewhere between figurative and abstract.

In 2000, she traveled to Europe - Holland, Belgium and France for 5 months on a painting trip, based in Paris and on a friends property in Normandy where she painted the region’s landscape, and had a successful exhibition.

She has exhibited in many selective art shows from early childhood and received several awards including being the recipient of the 2006, Margaret Fesq Memorial Award for best painting in show and 2nd prize for figurative painting at the Royal Easter Show.

Her works are held in numerous private collections in Australia, France, Belgium and Holland, and acquired several commissions for drawings, paintings and a mural.

She is currently based in East Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia, where she practices from her home studio.


My process is a spontaneous expression of the landscape; for me the horizon, which is generally associated with traditional landscape painting does not concern me. Only the essential elements such as colour, shape, line, texture and space. Without actually portraying nature in a realistic way, instead I convey the essence of the landscape that leaves something for the imagination that encourages the viewer in their own process of thinking and seeing. I paint in a gestural manner, creating a variety of marks using brushes, pallet knife, scrappers, sticks and feathers whatever is at hand.

Like most people I’m worried about our planet, the destruction of our rivers, wetlands, forrest etc. and the ongoing extinction of the wildlife. However my concerns as a painter are with the landscape, finding colour relationships, tone, shapes and its beauty.

I felt if there was any sort of propaganda I could distribute, it was to paint beautiful picture and send them out into the world to make people happy, because there is far too much unhappiness… that’s my philosophy’. - Lloyd Reece.